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Monday, December 27, 2010

Watch No Sanctuary Movie Online Here | Download No Sanctuary Movie


Plot : Belligerence is unpleasing to eyes and ears both, but when it comes to action-packed thriller movies, hard-core fans love to witness it to its infinite extent. No Sanctuary is one such power-packed action movie, which would take your breath away. It is Jake Stetler’s directorial venture and casts Ron Baker and Melissa Dunphy in the lead, apart from Tommy Cahill, Victoria Johns, Chad Stettenbauer, Lucy and Flagg. The best part is that Stetler has himself played a character in it. The film centers a flock of strangers, who have supernatural powers: a girl who is in a pitiable condition and seeks help, and a herd of half-dead, half-alive highwaymen. The twist in the movie arrives when the group of strangers joins hands and goes on a cordon and search spree, to locate and help the girl. Since the girl is chased by the evil highwaymen, you get to see a lot of action and adventure in the movie. One can say that the movie has adequate proportions of drama, suspense, thrill and bone-tearing action woven spellbindingly. If you are looking for No Sanctuary movie video, you have landed on an apt site.

No Sanctuary Movie is Directed By : Jake Stetler

Starring : Ron Baker, Melissa Dunphy, Jake Stetler, Drew Whelpley, Tommy Cahill, Chad Stettenbauer

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