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Monday, December 27, 2010

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Plot : Another Year is Mike Leigh directorial film, which is divided into four seasons. In the spring, it focuses on merrily wedded Gerri, who is a medical counselor and Tom, who is a geologist. They both tend their allotment. They amuse Mary, who is Gerri’s work colleague. She gets very drunk and expresses sorrow her terrible love life. In summer, Ken, who is government employer, arrives in the town to spend some time with Tom and Gerri. One day Ken drunks and expresses the sadness of his life. Next day, when all of them were enjoying a party, Marry comes and join them. Marry gets attracted to Ken. In autumn, Tom and Gerri return to home from the allotment in order to celebrate a lovely surprise from Joe. He has chosen a new partner Katie, who is professionally a therapist. In winters, Gerri, Joe and Tom go to Derby in order to attend the funeral of Tom elder brother Ronnie’s wife. Ronnie gets furious when his son Carl comes late at the cemetery. Another Year video depict, that Carl insults his father and Tom and Gerri as well. At dinner table, Tom and Gerri remember the day when they were youth.

Another Year Movie is Directed By : Mike Leigh

Starring : David Bradley, Jim Broadbent, Karina Fernandez, Oliver Maltman, Lesley Manville, Ruth Sheen, Imelda Staunton, Peter Wight, Martin Savage, Michele Austin, Peter Wright, Phil Davis, Stuart McQuarrie

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